Giving Up $80,000/Year To Pursue Passions

Never let anything deter you from following your heart.

Friday, January 10th 2020 is the first Full Moon 🌕 of 2020. It is said that a full moon symbolizes completion, the realization of desires, clarity. A moment to celebrate growth, reflect on progress and how far you’ve come.

I spent my teens and early 20s fearing the unknown – it was easier to stick to a predetermined path than to carve my own way. Most of the opposition lived in my mind, voices that stamped out any embers of passion and worked to keep me comfortable. These limiting thoughts led me to believe that I was unworthy of having these goals and that I wouldn’t be able to achieve them.

I spent years working and going to school full-time, focused on the numbers that my paycheck was bringing in. Work was my default and the only thing I could define my existence by. Nothing enjoyable about it. I skipped family functions, missed out on friends and lived to work.

One day, during my lunch break, I had a moment of clarity – insanity almost. I realized if I followed the conventional mindset of working til retirement age, there was still 40 or so years left of this life. The next moment that followed wasn’t pretty – I laid down on the floor and started to cry. Like a big baby. Once I was able to compose myself, I called my director and said the following: “I think it’s time. Let’s discuss my transition.

It took a route that felt right for me – a slow 3 month transition off of my corporate job in Digital Advertising (& a steady paycheck) and into the unknown.

There’s so many ways to complicate life when the answer is really simple: 🎐Have a desire.
🌻Believe in it.

🌈There will be a way for it to be achieved, just keep your eyes open for those windows of opportunity.

(TL;DR: Pursue passions & chase dreams!!!)

My philosophy is this: growth is deeply uncomfortable and frightening. Do it anyways.

Put yourself in situations that bring up those feelings (like…presenting in front of people, reaching out to a scary client, being proactive on a problem you don’t have the solution for, cliff diving…). It will teach you to flourish and nurture the light in yourself.

Since my first day, I have been in countless situations that made me wonder if I was ever going to make it through the day, that humbled me, that challenged my character. Four years later, I’m still kicking! So great that we get another chance tomorrow to do something different.  

Of course, all of this growing has led me to this moment: today marks my last day here at GroupM. An end of an era…

Joke: What agency are you going to next?
Answer: The unemployment agency.

So, really, what am I going to do next if growth is the theme?

My plan involves: backpacking around South East Asia (I’ll be starting in Thailand in March and winging it from there), writing, getting my Yoga Teacher Training certification, creating and whatever else comes my way. Pretty much chasing passions and pursuing my own purpose.

I am deeply honored to have been surrounded by such magnificent and intelligent people. Thank you for bringing joy to the daily grind, the inspiration and the priceless lessons about life.

Cheers & lots of love!!!

Full Text from my Official Goodbye Email to my colleagues

4 responses to “Giving Up $80,000/Year To Pursue Passions”

  1. This. is. Amazing. I am working on fighting my fears and taking leaps, and this was inspiring. I would love to hear more about your current journey into the unknown!


    1. Thank you, I will be sure to collect and share my stories!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. One of the best goodbye corporate job emails I’ve read!


    1. Thank you, I’ve always admired your professionalism so this means a lot to me.


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