waking up your creator codes

Follow the feeling.

It starts off small, a spark.

Perhaps tiny.

So tiny you can’t even feel it unless you’re really paying attention.

So pay attention.

It’s time to wake up into your reality.

Your infinite beingness.

If you follow the spark and feed the flame, it will begin to illuminate your entire path.

You will be guided on a journey where everything unfolds and comes together.

Don’t worry about the price you think you will have to pay. What you believe you will have to give up. These are nothing. Remnants of survival.

Because it is nothing compared to what you will uncover. It is a small trade in return for the treasures of joy.

Have you forgotten who you are? No more of that.

It is time to wake up.

Pull yourself up from your slumber.

Emerge from the dust. Brush off the webs.

It is time to rise into the new reality of your creation.

A state of mind.

A resonance that fills your spirit.

Remember your light. Your love. Your will. Your soul.

Find your center.

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