a letter to self on knowing


A simple word that brings about confusion. It seems so simple. To know what you desire, what you want, what choice you want to make. 

You’re single again. Have fun. You know more about what you want, what you’re looking for. More aware about studying what someone else is like because you know yourself better. You remember your ability to read characters, to sense into someone. You’re not in a rush to settle down again. You have your own creative pursuits to manifest. You’re remembering what lights you up. You’re more centered. You’re less concerned about forcing things to work out. You’re less concerned about whether people like you or not because you like yourself. You’ve been alone and created peace for yourself. Someone should add to it. The addition into your life must be fun, authentic and brings you joy. It must light a spark in your life like the rest of what is remaining.

You are in a constant flux of transitioning into an unfolding of what you want your life to look, feel and be like. There may be times you feel frustrated or unsure of which direction to go. Allow the waters to settle so you may achieve clarity. Give yourself grace and time. Fall in love with you. Rediscover what you like. Get curious about things. Pick up the pen, the brush. Dance. Sing. Make weird guttural noises. Scream at the top of your lungs. Bend your body into weird spaces. Breathe into the tightness of the unused nooks and crannies. Float free like a butterfly and don’t be afraid to sting like a bee. Protect your peace. 

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