Liberated Self Pleasure & Sexual Empowerment

Tune into your body with daily movements (dance, walk, run, stretch, etc.).

Explore your sensuality with light touch.

Experiment with pressure and learn where your erogenous zones are.

Learning about yourself makes you a better lover and allows you to communicate to your lovers what your preferences are.

Luxuriate in tending to your body with lotions, scented oils and massage.

Identify what ‘turns you on’.

Release any limiting beliefs, feelings of shame or guilt on what lights you up. Sexual experiences that include these kinks can be empowering and a way to alchemize those lower vibrational feelings into personal power.

Allow your sexual experience with a partner/partners to become a safe container for exploration and expression.

Not every sexual partner will be able to create the ultimate container for you and neither you for them. Tantric teachings are a great way to understand consent, mutual exploration and respect in these situations.

It is up to you what feels right (how many sexual partners, how far you go, whether you wait until marriage or not).

Climaxing/orgasm is not the goal.

Allow yourself the space to be fluid in your preferences and creativity.

Your preferences may change with time.

If you are in a partnership, they may not be on the same growth trajectory as you. In these situations, allow yourself to release each other with gratitude and grace or learn to grow together.

Know what your boundaries are. These can be fluid and shift with each partner/experience.

‘No’ is a complete sentence. If a partner does not respect this, terminate the relationship.

If you share sexual traumas with a partner and they can’t create a container in which you feel safe, terminate the relationship.

Meditation can aid in tuning to the subtle energies of your body

Explore various shapes/poses/locations for your experiences.

Periods of celibacy may be useful to redirect energy towards other creative pursuits and to return energy towards your auric field.

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