Six Degrees of Separation

Have you heard of the Six Degrees of Separation, the concept that you can be connected to anyone in the world (celebrities, soul mate, someone in a country you’ve never heard of, historical figure, etc.) through six social connections or less?

I find it fascinating that I could be connected to the president of another country, a descendent of a historical figure, someone to make me a very specific and custom piece of furniture by six people. Especially in an ever increasing digital world, staying connected and creating a network is becoming easier. If we consciously tune into the needs, desires, skills and dreams of the people that we encounter, we can create a system that benefits everyone involved.

Lets say my friend Billy is looking to create a company to create collars that will translate whatever pets are saying into a language any human can understand. Right now, all Billy has is an idea and the motivation to pursue it. He’ll need people to assist with the technology, the brainstorming, the design…pretty much the rest of the parts of the machine. Billy starts to bring it up with his friends every time they meet up to chat. Slowly, this idea sits in the back burner of all his friends’ minds. When they come across someone that might be a good fit for Billy’s project, they end up connecting him to resources that may not have been so easily found.

That’s the beauty of humans being social creatures. Like a network of mushrooms, connecting and relating to each other. Delivering the right person at the right time. One big connected human family in a shared dream.

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