Maui Wowie: A Guide To Hawaii’s Valley Isle

I’d like to thank Maui for being the place that shifted my entire life around. I’m not sure if it was the beginning of my spiritual journey or maybe one of the first experiences that made me believe in magic again.

It’s been two years since I stepped foot on her fertile soil and so much has changed. Looking back at these memories of love, I feel a sense of nostalgia, longing and gratitude. There is something healing about the way Maui holds you in her embrace. The lush greenery, the sound of the surf crashing, the salty sweetness of the air…I don’t think I have enough words in me to do this place justice, so I’ll let the photos do all the talking:

  • Make it up to Haleakala National Park for sunrise if you can get lottery tickets. Otherwise, sunset is also a beautiful experience
  • Hike Twin Falls
  • Hang out at Maui Tropical Plantation, roam around their beautiful grounds, eat at some of their amazing restaurants, ride a tram or even zipline
  • Become a beach bum at Makena Beach
  • Have a Michelin star worthy multi course dinner at Chef’s Table by The Mill House, reservations needed (Closed indefinitely as of June 2021)
  • Take a day trip (or spend a few nights over) towards the Road To Hana
  • Hang out in Paia, where there’s a younger, hipper and more laidback vibe
  • Snag reservations for Koiso Sushi Bar, an extremely affordable and intimate omakase experience with an extremely charismatic chef who knows exactly what he’s doing


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