Investing Your Wealth On Your Health

Maybe you’ve heard the idiom Health Is Wealth. That being healthy is more important than any riches we could accumulate.

Makes sense to me…without our health, we wouldn’t be here to enjoy whatever we acquire in this physical world!

What percentage of your wealth goes towards your health?

To start, we will define Wealth and Health:

Wealth is your resources – time, money, personal resources (skills, energy, etc.).

Health is whatever contributes to your personal well-being. Think along the lines of things like seeing people you love, your own goals, therapy, physical activities, eating healthier. Basically your priorities.

How are these precious resources being used?

It is a fact that time, money and personal reserves are limited in some way. We only have so many hours in a day, just that much to spend or enough energy to exert before we collapse into a big puddle.

Observe the ways that they are used up in your own life. Financially, does the money go towards things that improve your well-being? Are you enriching the lives of those you love with your skills (planning a fun activity, giving advice, teaching them how to file their taxes, etc.)?

Some examples:

  • How much time (wealth) do you spend investing in your relationships and family (emotional health)?

  • How much money (wealth) is spent towards purchasing healthy quality groceries to create a wholesome meal (physical health)?

  • What is your overall energy investment (wealth) in building up your goals or learning a new skill (mental health)?

Spend less of your wealth doing stuff that don’t resonate with you and invest in the things that do. Once your health is optimized, you may be amazed in the way that your wealth seems to multiply.

Most likely, our time, money and skills are not being put to good use. Hours are spent scrolling through social media or focused in a place that doesn’t align with our highest goals?

We have become victim to a society that values productivity over healthiness. Work on prioritizing investments towards yourself.

Skip weekly happy hour and go on a run or a dance class.

Instead of staying late at the office again, have a family dinner with your loved ones.

Forgo the newest episode of that show that you’ve been binge watching, go to a bookstore and pick up something that you’re interested in (if you’re not sure where to start, feel free to check out my Reading List). 

I can’t just talk the talk without walking the walk. Personally, I just signed up for a Yoga Teacher Training course – my version of investing wealth into health.

What are some ways you’re shifting your spending habits to create a better you?

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