A Mediterranean Summer: Greece Photo Diary

Greece in the midst of summer felt like a fever dream. I had often thought about a romantic summer in the Med, soaking in the sun, filling my belly with fresh salads, fish and delicious gelatos. It was picturesque, sensual, delightful and everything I could’ve wanted and more. The colors were soft and palatable, the people were fabulous and the nights were comfortable and filled with delight.

Azure blue waters, traveling by ferries, dining al fresco in alleyways and cobblestoned streets. It was a true romantic’s dream. The golden glow from the setting sun painting the facades of the buildings made my eyes and heart tingle with joy. It was a beautiful sight to behold. The crowds were abundant but respite was to be found on the abundance of smaller islands around Greece. Seek and you shall find.

My trip was cut short due to a ferry mishap but I know I will be back again to this mythical land.

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