A Cataclysmic Collision of Lovers

We meet again, lifetime after lifetime.

Dancing along the shore of our shared subconscious. Our entire lives leading up to this moment: a colliding of wave against shore. How each moment of our lives, each decision, gently guiding us towards each other. Following signs and symbols from the universe, a gentle beckoning from our intuition to follow our hearts.

Everything that didn’t work out, everything that fell apart, everything that dissolved so that we can meet each other in our grace and glory. In the way that we build up a home from the foundation and how the phoenix falls into ashes to rise again, we came back stronger so that we could be together.

I have known you since before I could think. You remind me of a home I have long forgotten. A place of ever flowing love. A warm cocoon against the passages of time. When we are together, only we exist. Our gentle, passionate creation of love rippling across the Universe. Spreading light and joy with each step we take together.

The road has been lonely for so long. Yet now we join together in Union to walk a path together. To grow in harmony. To learn. To teach. I embrace your essence and feel it merge into mine, so much so that I cannot differentiate where I end and you begin.

And while on this plane of Existence, time is something we cannot control, our every waking moments together feel boundless. As if the dream has arrived at our doorstep. The veil between the sleeping dream and the waking dream becomes blurred. Every moment is bliss. Every moment is divine.

And I am grateful to know you in this life. And even if we may part from each other, I am relaxed and reassured that we’ll come together again in the cosmic dance of the universe. How can we not? Born from the same flame. The same soul. Splitting apart to gain different perspectives to join together in the most beautiful cataclysmic collision. I am grateful to choose you.

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