Being a Traveler and Building Fires In Each Others’ Hearts

Travelers far and wide come together on a level playing field: a new terrain. Each of them bringing their own remnants of home, their own versions of building fires. When you place these characters together and witness what they build together, something magical begins to happen. Naturally, connections start to be made. An intimate weaving of global consciousness together, bonded by experiences and shared moments. Watching how strangers turn into friends and family. How these bonds remain unbroken despite time and distance that separates them time and time again. How they weave their webs, coming across each other over and over again. Each of them changed and shaped by their moments apart and coming together to mold each other once and again. A subtle influence on each individual, creating waves that ripple across the world. An expansion of love: learning how to hold each other and their commonalities and differences. Growing together, learning about each other. Some fires are slow burning, reaching across years. Some are fast burning flames, enveloping lovers in a passion. Some, despite all their tending to, result in smoldering embers of smoke wafting through the winds. Despite all these varying outcomes, the only thing that matters is that they tried. That they attempted to make something together. Memories, experiences, lessons, experiments. Touching deeply in impressions, souls and the very essence of creation. 

To wander into uncharted territory of consciousnesses: to dive deep into the hearts of a stranger: to learn more about the people you share space with. And you don’t need an international flight to accomplish this. It can start right where you are. Maybe in your homes or your neighborhoods. Your local coffee shop or restaurant. There are infinite possibilities for learning and creating. And people are like places. Some are islands, self sufficient and happy alone, surrounded by oceans of emotions. Some are jungles: thick and vibrant with untamed thoughts and wilderness. Some are cities: constantly buzzing with action and moving at fast paced speeds. You can find a home in everyone. Maybe it’s about finding which home feels the most ‘home’ to you.

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