San Jose del Pacifico: The Town Above the Clouds

This magical place is located in the mountains of Oaxaca, easily reachable by van, bus or car. Accommodations are not easily booked online, so your best bet is to just head there and find a place that calls you. When I decided to head to SJDP, I knew of its reputation for magic mushrooms. I’ve had my fair share of psychedelic experiences and needed a break from the beach so it was an easy choice.

What to do?

Disconnect & Unwind: Watch the sunrise and sunsets above the clouds and mountains, soak up the beautiful nature and relish in unmatched quietude. The unreliable wifi and cell service makes it easy (and pretty much mandates you) to disconnect from the digital world so you can indulge in naps, walk around, buy some cervezas and kick back and enjoy the view. When the sun starts to set, drink chocolate caliente (hot chocolate) by the fire and chat with new friends.

Hiking: One of the bonuses of this town is the amount of hiking trails that there are. Follow the path or go off trail by making your own way through the forest.

Magic Mushrooms: To be honest, San Jose del Pacifico is known for their magic mushrooms, where these hongos are harvested locally and intended to take you on a psychedelic trip. Hire a guide if you feel more comfortable or feel free to go unaccompanied if you’ve had experience before.

Where to eat?

Town literally consists of one street that will take less than 10 to 15 minutes to explore. My favorite option was La Morenita, great for vegetarians and vegans, inexpensive but also a favorite so you may have to wait for a table.

Where to stay?

Cabanas La Cumbre:
Price: 170 pesos/night

For that price, you get your own private cabin, which is a treat if you’ve been spending most of your time in hostels, sharing a room with 8 other people. When I went, the main lodgings at La Cumbre were all taken, so I was shown to their other property, just a 3 minute walk down the road. I was pleasantly surprised. The building was newly constructed (and by newly constructed, I mean that they were still working on it). My room smelled of fresh pine, which made sense because the entire cabin was built out of this material. The bathrooms were concrete, cold and hot water took forever to turn on. There was only wifi at the main building, so bring a good book, download entertainment beforehand or just spend your days watching the view outside of your window and lost in your own daydreams.

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