empowerment & authentic expression

How to describe empowerment?

In a world and culture that tells you to keep small and quiet, how do you find your authentic expression? In what ways are you limiting yourself in your life?

I find myself muting the vibrant colors of my self expression around certain people, especially strangers. Perhaps this is a self confidence issue. That I seem to care about fitting in and being accepted instead of owning the entirety of myself.

I read something recently that said “the higher you go, the harder you’ll have to work to integrate your shadows”. Regardless if you’re climbing the corporate ladder, working towards your goals or achieving a higher perspective and mindset, you will need to break through certain internal barriers that are created to keep you safe and comfortable where you are.

What’s that Anais Nin quote? ‘And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.’

Can I remain authentic and happy with myself wherever I go? Can I keep my center strong and solid as I move through the different experiences of life? Especially when there may be situations that challenge my morals and ethics?

I find myself remembering this unwavering faith I have in myself. The illusion of disempowerment is tantalizing though. It’s easy to give up your power and say, “this affected me and that’s why I am the way I am”. It is far more difficult to reach out and acknowledge the responsibility that you hold to yourself for saying, “I chose this experience. I get to choose how to I respond and react to it”. Like if someone hit your car. Yeah, you can get mad. Maybe you will. Maybe you’ll want revenge or retribution. Maybe once that passes, you finally settle on the thought: “it’s only a car. It’ll get fixed. Everything will be okay. I’m alive. I have my health. I am safe”.

And the more life situations you have, the more that you get to practice this mindset. The empowerment of claiming your authority over yourself and your emotional wellbeing. No one should be able to push your buttons unless you hold it out for them with a flashing light: Red Button. PUSH ME.

I find myself doing this inner work constantly. Being alone is easy. I enjoy my own company. I have fun with myself. Yet when in social situations, there is a certain harmony that must be maintained. A sense of decorum. Other people with varying personalities and opinions. It’s not your job to convince anyone or change their mind. If someone wants to be receptive, great. If not, also great. It’s one of the benefits of this world: the contrast and diversity offer a colorful painting of life. Choose that which excites and delights you without having to omit things that don’t. Be open, accommodating and graceful in your existence. Enjoy your uniqueness and who you are.

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