Gathering from the Garden

pluck the fruits of your day,

enjoy the harvest;

roll around in freshly laundered sheets,

watching the beams of sunlight shift

through slats in the blinds,

silently mouth the words to a song

you have heard too many times

stare at the folds of your flesh and bones

marvel at the strangeness of your feet

stare at the wall

sigh deeply, breathe heavily

rub your eyes

chat on the phone with a friend

call your mom

love your dad

pick at the dirt underneath your fingernails

run outside in the rain

watch the sunset

feel the breeze of dusk

enjoy the warmth of a sudsy shower


One response to “Gathering from the Garden”

  1. The simple feelings and moments captured here are alive in my heart! A garden is indeed a place to witness the beauty of growth. ❤

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