Empty Spaces & New Chapters

Moving into my first apartment by the beach in California seems natural. Maybe because I’ve dreamed of this moment long enough that it already feels familiar. As I work on filling this traditional apartment with modern finishings, I’m getting to put some lessons to use.

Mindfully filling this space with items that bring me peace, joy or inspiration. Waiting to purchase an item because I love it and not compromising or settling on a lower priced item. Thinking about how I use the space. Observing my natural movements and patterns. Making sure that there’s room to grow. That things can be adjusted to fit my lifestyle.

Showing up on the first day of my lease with a backpack, a carry on suitcase and an inflatable mattress (by the gracious good will of Nicole, my best friend and next door neighbor of 20+ years from NYC, who also lives in California), it seemed daunting yet also exciting to be alone and rooted.

After being on the road for 20 months, my body, mind and spirit kept telling me that it wanted to rest. It wanted to settle down, root into routine and enjoy the comforts of owning stuff and not having to worry about moving every few days and whether or not it would fit into a carry on luggage.

Today marks a full week of living here and so far I’ve accumulated: some thrifted glassware, a cozy pink armchair, candles, 5 plants and enough supplies for a functional kitchen and bathroom. A mess of cardboard boxes, plastic wrapping and instruction manuals are scattered throughout the space. The floor is dusty and marked in tape, outlining the potential dimensions of furniture. It’s a tiny spot, where the main living area measures to maybe less than 250 sq ft. It’ll function as a workspace, bedroom, living area, dance, yoga and meditation spot and reading nook. I am enjoying this challenge of having a small space serve in a multifunctional way. It’s delightful to enjoy the process of creation. Reminding myself as I create this space to be a representation of myself, a retreat, a safe place to rest and work on my ideas to slow it down and enjoy the process. That there really isn’t an end or anywhere to get to. That the joy is in the journey.

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