2019: End of Year Reflections

Granting ourselves the gift of reflection at the end of the year is a fun activity for New Year’s Eve – sitting in silence, mulling over all the memories we’ve collected. It gives us a chance to slow down and savor all the different facets of life. For me, it provides a chance to reflect on my character and growth. How have I changed? Are my actions and goals aligned with the person that I want to continue to be?

Only when we record and reflect will we see the nuances that teach us a little more about ourselves every day.

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Living A Day Without Running Water: Gratitude Exercise

A whole day without running water?

At first, I debated going to a cafe for the day but decided against it. Staying home in the increasingly cold weather seemed more enticing and I figured it would be a good chance to do a little experiment.

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The ‘Mind Body Soul’ Correlation: My Journey

For years, I struggled with anxiety, depression, weight and body image issues and feelings of powerlessness.

Something had to change and with this, came a realization that there is a huge correlation between your Mind, Body and Soul.

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Putting Myself ‘Out There’: Why I Quit My Job

In purposeful action there is fulfillment and when there is fulfillment – there is joy. That’s exactly why, at 27 years old, I decided to quit my job in NYC and pursue my dreams – whatever they may be.

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